Published Works


A historical romance from Dorchester (Leisure LoveSpell).

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THE ACTING PEER–A rogue, reprobate, and scoundrel, Patrick Winter drove the ladies of English country society mad with his savoir faire and dashing good looks. The master of Pinewood House played the part of a libertine to perfection, hiding his lonely destiny from everyone but himself.

THE PEERLESS ACTRESS–Bound for the London stage, sheltered Amanda Prescott had no idea that fate had already cast her first role as the rakehell’s true love. Visiting Pinewood House to honor her father’s last request, she succumbed to Winter’s burning desire. Amid the glittering milieu of wealth and glamour, Amanda and Patrick would banish forever their harsh past and make all their fantasies a passionate reality.

GILDED SPLENDOR, now available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle.

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