It’s the Best Time to Write!

imagestimeYou sometimes hear people say things like “This is the best time in history to . . . ” In my case, this is the Best Time to Write. I know I’m really dating myself with this post, but that’s okay. I began back in the 90s, and even got published. Then I had some enjoyable life to go off and live. Oh, I still dabbled, but not seriously. In coming back to writing, I’ve discovered that there have been so many changes in the writing/publishing field, it makes me giddy–happy giddy! Here are four reasons why NOW is the best time for me to write:

1. NEW WRITING COMRADES — I’ve kept my old writing friends, but, since moving to Phoenix, AZ, I’ve made some new ones. My local RWA chapter, Valley of the Sun, is filled with inspiring women who are generous and fun to be around. My favorite writing guru, Larry Brooks, lives here in Scottsdale, and I was able to attend one of his live workshops. I’m daily inspired by his web site,

2. NEW TECHNOLOGY — When I was writing in the 90s, my group’s newsletter consisted of articles that were typed, cut out, pasted on a sheet of paper, duplicated, and handed out at meetings once a month. Hard to believe, huh? Marketing consisted mostly of business cards and swag to be handed out at conventions. Or buying expensive magazine ads. Now, computer technology is fast, free, colorful, and effective.

3. NEW PUBLISHING OPPORTUNITIES — A writer no longer has to wait months or years to hear back from agents and editors. Sure, the big traditional publishers are still a great way to go, but there are more opportunities now with smaller, online publishers. Not to mention, e-book self-pubbing that doesn’t consist of piled books sitting in one’s garage. A writer can feel hopeful that if she writes good books, she WILL get published. No question.

4. NEW WAYS OF CONNECTING WITH READERS — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, blogs. A writer never need feel isolated or alone.

5. NEW LEARNING TOOLS — Back in the day, I was hungry and thirsty, soaking up everything I could find on how-to-write. I was always scrabbling for information. If I found a dated library book or picked up one good piece of info at a conference, I felt lucky. Young people just don’t realize or appreciate how wonderful it is to have the whole world of information at the touch of a finger.

Hooray! Writing is great anytime, but I’m finding it gets better and better.

Is NOW your best time to write?

If so, what are you waiting for?  🙂




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