1013495_852629391433182_1333706391_sThis pic looks like what happens at our house now. We’ve always been cat people, and we’re currently owned by two–Ming and Echo. Who knew we would ever have a dog? I never wanted one, I would never have bought one, it was the furthest thing from my mind. And a Chihauhau? Aren’t they supposed to be yippy, snappy things that aren’t very cuddly?

Two months ago, Jaime found a Chihauhau puppy out in a field–emaciated, ribs showing, half-dead. She fed it bites of hotdogs, nursed it back to health, and brought it home. She named it “Bindi” for the jewel that belly dancers wear in the middle of their foreheads, and said it could stay with us. Claro! Of course, we now have a Chihauhau!

Oh, my gosh! The joy, fun, and laughter that our pint-sized friend has brought to us! He has clothes, booties, toys, special bed, treats–everything a dog could want. He rides in the car with us. Bob takes him on two-three walks a day, Bindi’s leash in one hand, a golf club in the other (have to protect him against any big dogs who may want to bite!)

I never thought I’d say it, but “I love a chihauhau!”



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