9d651087d5425154966c622999eaa3a6I found a favorite new movie–SIDEWAYS. I don’t know how I missed it before, since it was up for an Oscar Best Picture, and it won for Best Adapted Screenplay.

It’s all about wine, writing, sex, and friendship. It drew my attention because it’s about two guys on a tasting tour of the California wine country, which I recently did with Charlotte and Jaime. Only these two guys are both having midlife crises.

It’s witty and funny. I laughed out loud. It also left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling because these are people who say exactly what they’re thinking, and they act on exactly what they’re feeling. Most of us are so constrained and “correct,” always feeling like we have to say and do the right thing. It feels so freeing to be around people who let it all hang out, even though they put themselves through some pretty awkward situations.

Highly recommended. Enjoy it with a good glass of wine!


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