The Right Tools for the Job

untitledtoThere’s nothing so frustrating and discouraging than to spend time working toward goals, blindly working in the dark and hoping something will click, and then to not see results. Working with the right tools means everything! Since I moved to Phoenix, I’ve come across new tools for two of my goals–and they’re working! I am soooooo grateful for this. Here they are:


WEIGHT LOSS:  I had tried lots of systems–Weight Watchers, Zumba, etc. etc.–and hadn’t lost weight or kept it off. Nutrisystem works for me! It’s so easy. They mail the food right to my door, and all I have to do is eat it. It’s based on portion control and the Glycemic Index (preventing spikes in blood sugar so you don’t have cravings). Results:  I’ve lost 20 pounds, Bob has lost 60 pounds, and counting.


WRITING:  I make money with my day job (editing/evaluating for an online publisher), but a writer never feels really complete unless she’s also writing her own stuff. I attended a workshop by writing guru, Larry Brooks, and felt like I’d discovered fire. He has two how-to books, Story Engineering and Story Physics, plus a web site, You can also get an insightful analysis of your story idea from him for just $35.00. He is so fun to read, so helpful, and so right-on-the-money with his advice. Results: I’m writing again. It’s fun again!

I haven’t achieved my goals completely yet, but, at last, I’m seeing progress.


Are you seeing progress toward your goals? Good intentions and hoping will only take you so far. If you’re not seeing results, keep searching until you find the right tools for the job. It makes all the difference in the world!


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