A Sunday Drive

500px-Misty_Morning  The Valley of the Sun is so vast, it’s fun to take drives just to explore.

This afternoon, we drove around the Estrella Mountains (Estrella means “star” in Spanish). The Sierra Estrellas were originally inhabited by the Akimel O’odham Indians,  and today the mountains tower over the Gila River Reservation and the Estrella Mountain Regional Park. In the photo is the highest point, Hayes Peak, which is visible from our house.


Getting there, we passed the Gila River. A single young boy was wading in the river, which came up to his knees.


Then it was on to the Estrella Star Tower, a nice place to stop and look around on the way to the new Estrella housing community, complete with lake and “Yacht Club.”


Back “in civilization,” we stopped off at Total Wine for a wine tasting (which they do every Saturday & Sunday). Today, I chose Offley Ruby Porto. I have a glass every Friday night, and just finished off a bottle of Offley Tawny Porto. The guy said the Ruby is even sweeter and has a fruitier taste than the Tawny’s nuttier flavor. Can’t wait to try it!

All in all, an enjoyable, relaxing Sunday drive. Life is good!


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