Writers — Add “Contact Me” to Your Social Media

imagesCABT1F7C I’m currently reading a great book, CREATE YOUR WRITER PLATFORM, by Chuck Sambuchino. I highly recommend this book for all writers. As Chuck defines it, “Platform is essentially your visibility as an author.” It helps potential readers find and interact with you and your work. It helps everybody understand who you are and what your work is all about.

Even if you aren’t published yet, it’s never too early to begin building your brand and your platform. If/when you sell a book, you don’t want to have to start from scratch in building a social presence. It would be way too much work all at once–at a crucial time when you should be focusing on that next book. Done a little at a time though, platform building is fun. It also helps you keep your own focus–reminding you of what you’re trying to accomplish with your writing.

The basics for a platform would be a web site/blog, Facebook, and Twitter. And here’s the first tip I’m using from this book: You should add your Contact Information to your social media. I hadn’t done this. I was afraid to. Chuck allayed my fears:

“I have no idea why people make themselves difficult to contact. I think it comes from some sort of outdated fear that if their e-mail is online, someone in Chechnya will steal their identity or they’ll be deluged with spam. Take it from me–this will not happen.”

Yeah–I think he’s right. So I’ve added a new Page to my blog–“Contact Me.” You can see the results above. It was fun to do. And who knows? Maybe a new writer friend will start following me. Or an editor will e-mail me, begging for my work.

I’ll let you know if anyone in Chechnya starts bugging me.


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