Three Years in Arizona

DSC00909  Bob and I were remarking that this December marks three years since we bought a house and moved to Phoenix. Was it the right thing to do? Oh, yes. I love it here.

We have lots of family in Phoenix. Of course, I miss my Nebraska friends, but I’ve made new ones at P.E.O., the Rosson House, and Valley of the Sun RWA. The move has given me fresh insights and a new lease of life on my writing.

Arizona is so different from Nebraska, where I lived my whole life. There is such a sense of place here, with so much to explore. Insight Guide says:

“The state, like it best-known feature The Grand Canyon, is a place of uncommon depth. Only by descending beneath the rim, exploring the state layer by layer, is its true nature revealed.”

The history of the state is rich:

  • Prehistoric Hokokam Indians (10,000 BC)
  • Spanish Mission Era (1540-)
  • Anglo “Wild West” – cowboys, miners, ghost towns (1800’s)
  • The Modern Era (1895 on-)

The regions and scenery are diverse:

  • Northern Arizona (Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Flagstaff)
  • Central Arizona (Sedona, Phoenix, Jerome, Payson)
  • Southern & Western Arizona (Tucson, Yuma)
  • Everything from the Sonoran Desert to mountains to pine forests

The state’s cultural subjects are colorful:

  • Desert flora and fauna
  • Water issues
  • Foods
  • Art
  • Architecture

I’ve only scratched the surface. I’m a “Phoenician” now, looking forward to many more happy years exploring Arizona.


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