My Credo

Throughout the day, I remind myself over and over to strive for these four qualities. I’m certainly not perfect, and I often fall short, but they add significantly to my happiness. I want to be:

Peaceful – Just letting go of inner turmoil, hatred, anxiety, fear, etc. helps me relax tension and be more loving.

Comfortable – Nice skin care, frequent breaks, eating right, exercising, pretty clothing, etc. help me feel good physically.

Self-centered – I mean this in a good way, not a selfish one. I can’t try to “play God” and control the world. It’s better to take my own inventory, instead of judging others. If I can live my own life to the best of my ability, perhaps, in a small way, it will indirectly add to the lives of others.

Grateful – Thanking God for all the blessings I enjoy and the beautiful things in this delectable, extravagant, gorgeous world. Gratitude always turns everything around and lifts my spirits.

Do you have a Credo you try to live by?


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