As You Wish

I went on a fun outing today with my P.E.O. sisters–pottery painting at a craft store named “As You Wish.” I would never have thought of it, so I’m glad they did! First, we chose a piece of pottery from a huge selection on the shelves. Then it was on to choosing colors, stenciling and painting. The store will fire the pieces, and we’ll get them at our next P.E.O. meeting.

I chose a wine glass on a stem. One of my favorite color combinations is royal blue and gold, so I painted the goblet gold and stenciled the words “Believe” and “Create” and my initial “E” in fancy royal blue script. Then embellished with swirls and dots.

In the evening, when I’m sipping a nice red wine from my glass, it will remind me to “Dream it, Believe it, Create it.”  It’s often the “Believe” part I find the hardest. Sure, it’s easy to have dreams. It’s also easy to spend time working on them and creating projects.

But to believe that some of my wildest dreams will actually come true? To believe I actually deserve them to?  Aye, there’s the rub. Why me, when the whole world has dreams? Why me, when I already have most of what I need and want? Well, Wayne Dyer has written, “You’ll see it when you believe it,” so I have to practice on that believing part. “As you wish … ”


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