Eating in the Movies

   Here’s a fun topic for a Friday blog–Have you ever noticed how people in movies pretend to eat, but they never really do? It always bugs the crap out of me.


 Okay, granted–you don’t want to see an actor with spinach in his teeth, and the dialogue is more important than the meal, but come on! They’ll have a gorgeous meal in front of them, but they never actually put it in their mouths, chew or swallow. One prime example is Mia in Pulp Fiction. She goes to a restaurant with John Travolta, orders a big juicy hamburger, and only takes one bite! Then it’s off to smoke and dance. She never actually eats the cherry from her malt–only plays with it and licks it. What self-control! Grrrrrr…


 Or the actors have supposedly finished a meal (we never saw them eat it, but they’re done), and when they take their plates to the sink–their plates are still half-full of food. I guess being caught up in the drama has ruined their appetites???


 Or they’re supposedly drinking coffee–they never use the cup handle. Instead, they turn the cup around, wrap their hand around a supposedly hot cup,  and touch their lips pristinely to the rim.


 Maybe that’s the secret of how Hollywood stars stay skinny–they never eat, they only pretend to eat? It looks so fake! All I know is, I could never do it. I’m all for counting calories and putting smaller portions on a plate, but when I do sit down to eat, I eat.  Don’t you?  hehe


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