So Fast

I talked to my nephew, Tom, by e-mail today, and was surprised to hear he’s thinking about retirement. Wow! Just yesterday, he was a baby. It got me to thinking.

   Sometimes I Google favorite actors, writers, etc.–say, for instance, Jack Nicholson. We were young at the same time. He made Easy Rider when I was in college.

Then I enjoyed him in films through the years, like Five Easy Pieces and Chinatown.    He was always vibrant, always there.

  When I saw him in About Schmidt, I realized, my gosh, he’s old now. When did that happen? It doesn’t seem possible.

And then I think how I’ve lived my life right along, parallel to his, and I must be old, too. How is that possible?

I have to say I’m content, and I have few regrets. I didn’t get an Academy Award for Best Screenplay, but realistically, I’ve done about everything I wanted to do in life, met most of my goals, suffered no great tragedies. I’ve had everything, when you come to think of it–love, family, home, my baby girl, my book, friends, college, career, travel. All in all, I thank God for a blessed life.

One thing seems remarkable, though–it all happened so fast! At the time, it seemed that lazy hours and afternoons would last forever. Little details like what to have for dinner were contemplated at a leisurely pace. But–somehow, when I wasn’t looking–the years just sped by. Whoosh!

Of course, it ain’t over ’til it’s over–there are new goals and adventures to be had. But that’s a topic for another blog post.  Right now, I just have to smile and shake my head, pondering the weirdness and wonder of it all.



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