Horseback Riding

  I haven’t blogged lately because my beloved daughter, Jaime, is back home with us for awhile–and we’ve been busy! This week we went with Charlotte on a two-hour horseback ride at McDonald’s Ranch.

This was a wonderful way to get up close-and-personal with the Sonoran Desert. This city is so large, we meandered on trails crossing Scottsdale and north Phoenix, but it was all pristine wilderness. You’d never know we were in town!

Along the trail, we passed giant saguaros, jumping cholla, palo verdes–even a horned owl in his nest. I thought, “Now I know why people can easily get lost in the desert.” One cholla looked like another, and it was hard to pick out landmarks to guide by. But it was all beautiful.

Our cowboy guide kept up a stream of charming chatter–everything from the history of the ranch to desert life and jokes.

McDonald’s ranch also offers special rides where you are taught about horseback riding, and you get to go faster. We’re keeping this in mind for the future. I can’t imagine myself galloping across the desert, but you never know!  Yee-haw!




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