Sherlock Holmes 2

   A Game of Shadows–“a shadowy game.”

I greatly enjoyed the second installment of the Sherlock Holmes franchise–mostly because of Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law. They’re both so expressive and elegant, they’re a joy to watch. Prof. Moriarity is a villain you love to hate.

I thought this second movie was even better than the first. I just thought it had more going for it in the way of plot and action.

There was a great article in last month’s Success magazine about Robert Downey, Jr. He has always been a great actor (witness Less Than Zero and Chaplin) and has also managed to turn his life around from drugs and partying. When asked how he would avoid a relapse, he said he would not let himself become bored. He would remain excited about his projects which have turned into major franchises (Ironman and Sherlock, next perhaps Perry Mason). He and his wife are expecting a baby in February. His major go-to word is “Honor” of the people and projects he has committed to. I wish him all success.


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