New Year’s Eve at Rawhide

  Last night, I enjoyed a Western-themed New Year’s Eve with Bob, his sister Joannie, and her husband, Jerry. Rawhide Western Town brings the Old West to life with an 1880’s Main Street and steakhouse to die for.

  We began early by exploring the Western Town with its shops, theaters, and cowboys shooting it up on Main Street. A small museum had photos of Wyatt Earp, Colt 45’s, and an old-fashioned post office that reminded me of the one in Hooper as I was growing up. Lounged with margaritas beside a blazing fire burning in a cresset.

 Then, it was into the Steakhouse for my favorite restaurant meal–prime rib and glasses of Merlot. Live Western music added to the ambience, but, to tell the truth, we were talking so much, I hardly noticed it.

  Darkness had descended after dinner, so we walked the Western town again, this time all lit up by Christmas lights.

We vowed to celebrate New Year’s Eve every year at Rawhide. Here’s hoping we have many more of them.

By midnight, I was home, snug in bed, reading a Murder, She Wrote mystery. I listened to the fireworks outside my window heralding the new year and felt very content.

I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.


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