Christmas Depression

   Is anyone else feeling “Christmas Depression,” like me? I’ve been trying to get in the spirit, but I feel rather flat. We’re all supposed to be wildly happy this month. We’re supposed to be invited to lots of festive parties. We’re supposed to do everything “perfectly” at home a la Martha Stewart. We’re supposed to spend money on just the right gifts. All of this while enduring sanctimonious chidings that we’re not spiritual enough and we’re forgetting the reason for the season.

Am I the only one who will be just a tad relieved when it’s all over? I doubt it. From what I’ve read, millions of people get depressed because they’re not doing Christmas right. Everyone else seems to do it so much better! And, for a lot of people, Christmas brings back sad memories of disappointing holidays from the past. Maybe they’re alone, or their families are not the large, warm, Norman Rockwell ideals. They go to the same dining tables every year, and come away wondering why they don’t feel that elusive sense of “merriness” that they’re supposed to feel.

I think it helps to realize that we’re NOT alone. There are many who secretly feel just the same. We don’t have to feel guilty for not creating the “perfect Christmas.” We don’t have to feel shame if we’re less than joyous. We don’t even have to make up for it by volunteering at a soup kitchen to aid the needy.

We can just be patient, and get through the holidays as best we can. A little sense of humor helps, too.


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