6 Easy Steps to E-pubbing on Amazon Kindle

   Do you have a book that you’ve written on your hard drive? Have you been putting off submitting it to a traditional publisher, or you’ve had it rejected? Or maybe you have a backlist of previously published books, and the rights have reverted to you?

You no longer have to be at the mercy of editors, agents, and long waits. There’s a whole new audience for published e-books on Amazon Kindle. It’s free to publish on Kindle, and Kindle owners are enthusiastically purchasing and downloading books to read on the go. (Note: these are not just for Kindle owners; the books can also be downloaded to any computer.)

My historical romance novel, Gilded Splendor, was first published as a paperback by Dorchester, but the rights have reverted to me–so it seemed like a no-brainer to put it on Kindle. Click here to see how it looks at the site: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006N0LASC   At first, the process seemed overwhelming and scary, but I found it to be surprisingly easy. Here are the steps:

(1) Assuming your book is written in Word, re-save it as a “Web Page.” This is really an HTML page, and it will ensure your formatting will be retained with indented paragraphs, etc. Do not put any headers, footers, or page numbers in your book.

(2) Choose a pretty cover photo that is not copyrighted. I went to a site, Shutterstock.com, and paid $19 for the picture shown above. My heroine has red-gold hair, and I thought the photo was eye-catching and captured the feel of the book. For use on Kindle, save it as: At least 500 x 800 pixels, not more than 2000 pixels. Ideal height-width ratio: 1.6. 72 dpi (dots per inch). RGB color mode.

(3) Add your name and book title to the cover. A free download at Picasa.Google.com will allow you to edit your photo and add any words you want to it.

(4) Write a blurb for your book–what it’s about. Make it catchy and compelling. For ideas, you can study back cover blurbs of books similar to yours at the bookstore.

(5) Go to Amazon.com, and then to KDP, the e-pubbing place. They will take you through all the steps, adding the materials you’ve chosen.

(6) Market your book on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, GoodReads.com, and anyplace else you can think of.

Voila! Enjoy a sense of accomplishment, knowing that you did it, and your “baby” is out there.

How did I find out all this? By reading a wonderful book by Jason Matthews: How to Make, Market, and Sell Ebooks–All for Free. Although the steps above were the main ones for me, Jason’s book contains hundreds of other useful tips. It is, of course, available as a Kindle book at Amazon! I highly recommend it.

I’ll be honest and say this is not a “get rich quick” scheme. But it’s a lot of fun, and a wonderfully fulfilling hobby. And who knows where it might lead?

Next up:  I’ll soon be posting on how to publish e-books on other sites, such as Nook and Smashwords. As the ad says:

“Write anything. Publish everything. Market everywhere.”


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