E-pub Decisions

    Many decisions to make about putting my novel, Gilded Splendor, up on Kindle:

Publishing books on Kindle is absolutely free, so that’s a no-brainer. Why not?

I’ve decided to keep the same title because I’ve always liked it. I first chose the title because of Barbara Dawson’s Smith Silver Splendor, which I loved–and my novel is set in the Gilded Age, so the title sounded appropriately “romancey.” Plus, I’m doing this mostly just to keep the work available, so it will help if people can easily find it in a search.

I own the rights to the book, but Dorchester owns the right to the cover art, so I’ve chosen the new photo shown here for the cover. I got it for $19 on Shutterstock, a photo stock web site. Would you be interested in a historical romance novel with this cover? Hope So! I also hope her hair looks red enough, because my heroine has red hair!

Pricing on Kindle varies, but I’m choosing the 70% option. I’ll price the book at $1.49, so I’ll earn $1.04 for each copy sold. Lots of historical romances appear on Amazon for higher prices (like $5.99), but there are also lots cheaper (like 99 cents). I figured I’d chose something in between, but on the low side.

Now I’m making the final touches on the formatting.

E-gad! This all seems a little scary. E-pubbing is new to me. What if I *gasp* make a mistake?

I keep reminding myself of something Susan Perry said in her book, Writing in Flow:

“A risk in writing is not a real risk. I have nothing concrete to lose and everything exciting to gain by taking chances in writing.”

Plus, it’s fun!


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