Happy Halloween!

  Happy Halloween! I just love the holidays.

The symbols and history of Halloween are so interesting. It began when the ancient Celts marked Samhain–the end of the year when the harvest is in and the world begins “the dark half” of the year. I always imagine them lighting their bonfires to ward off the evil spirits.

Then, in November, we give thanks for getting through it all, and in December, we light the lights of love and hope and celebrate Christmas.

 Yesterday was a Halloween gala at the Rosson House, where I docent. We had a special exhibit that explained how Halloween was celebrated in turn-of-the-century Phoenix. It was in conjunction with lots of activities on Heritage Square–food, things to buy, face-painting, live music, and zombies! I don’t really “get” the zombie craze, but hundreds turned up in costume to walk around downtown. The Zombie Walk is an annual affair, and it was fun to see the enthusiasm.

Stay safe, don’t give “fruits” for treats (bah! it’s just gotta be candy!), and have a Happy Halloween!



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