Typing, typing, typing

   It has begun. I’m retyping my entire historical romance novel of 400 pages, Gilded Splendor, to re-publish it as an e-book on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. The rights have reversed to me, so I might as well get in on the newest publishing craze–especially since it costs me nothing and has the potential to earn more money.

It’s possible to have a company, such as ebookprep, scan and prepare the book for around $250, and I had been quaking at the thought of all that typing–but it’s turning out to be rather fun. I hadn’t re-read my book in years, and I’m enjoying it once again.

I’m also taking the opportunity to do a little editing. Not much is needed, since the book went through a rigorous editing process when it was first published by Dorchester. But a word deleted here and there–a little tightening–never hurts.

I want to follow and take part in the new e-book phenomenon. It’s fascinating–changing the face of publishing–and there’s a lot to learn. Next will come marketing on the internet and getting out some new books. There is never any rejection in this venue–only having fun and moving forward.

As one e-book company states it:

Write Anything

Publish Everything

Market Everywhere


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