Curve Appeal

  My eyes have always enjoyed seeing wavy lines rather than straight ones. They’re just more aesthetically pleasing to me.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy the Pueblo style of my house’s interior here in Phoenix. It’s kind of like the photo here, minus the fireplace–lots of white walls, curvy room edges, arched entries, half-moon windows. As the latest issue of Phoenix Home and Garden describes it:  “It’s a very soft style. There are no hard edges. It’s like living inside a marshmallow.”

  Maybe that’s also why the desert is so interesting to the eye. Frank Lloyd Wright wintered every year in Phoenix and said of Arizona, “The straight line should become textured because in all this astounding desert there is not one hard undotted line to be seen.”

Ahh, curve appeal!


2 thoughts on “Curve Appeal

  1. Memorable curves. FYI, CBS Sunday monring did a long piece on interns that focused a lot on interns at Colonial Williamsburg. Segment probably available on the Net somewhere. You’d find it interesting for the Williamsburg stuff, not the intern stuff. Trust all is well.

  2. Hi, there and thanks! I’ll look for the Williamsburg segment. That’s funny–I was missing Virginia and Williamsburg this very weekend.

    Trust all is well with you, too.

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