Preston & Child at the Biltmore

  What a joy to live in a big city with lots of opportunities. Bob took me on a lovely outing this evening to see my two favorite authors, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It was a signing for the new release of their 11th Pendergast novel, Cold Vengeance.

  Always wonderful to go to the Biltmore here in Phoenix. The Frank Lloyd Wright decorations on the buildings are so lovely. We went to the Grand Ballroom and had fresh fruit with chocolate dipping sauce.

  Douglas Preston signed my book. Lincoln Child, I’m told, is rather reclusive and doesn’t like to leave New Jersey, so he appeared on a big-screen Skype. Together, they chatted with Barbara Peters, the owner of the famous Poisoned Pen bookstore here in Phoenix, which sponsored the event.

It was the first time the authors had done a presentation using Skype, and it was a huge success. Lots of information about their writing and their books. Lots of laughs. For example, someone asked if they’d ever gotten “hate mail,” and they said it was when they killed off Bill Smithback. I had to laugh–yep, he was one of my favorite characters.

They told how they developed the Aloysius Pendergast character. How they come up with ideas. How they write together–by phone and internet! Child even played his guitar for us. Both charming men, indeed.

Evenings like this inspire me. They deepen my appreciation of my favorite things, and open me up to possibilities and pleasures.


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