The Royal Wedding

 Pip, pip, and cheerio! I’m raising a glass of champagne celebrating the Royal Wedding of Prince William and his future queen, Kate Middleton. It’s all wonderful fun, and a lot more uplifting to watch than the latest bad news from you-know-who here in the States.

Like you-know-who, I was left off the guest list, but had I been invited, I figured out how my name would appear. This has been going around Facebook: You start with Lady or Lord, add the first name of one of your grandparents, plus the name of your first pet, hyphenated with the street you lived on. Here’s how my name would appear on a royal invitation:

Lady Minnette Scampy-Hooper

(The town I was raised in was so small, we didn’t have street names, so I just substituted the name of the town itself.) Hehe. What name would be on your royal invitation?

I am very happy for the royal couple and wish them all the best.


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