A House’s Name

  I’ve always loved the way the British name their houses. They’re not being pretentious, merely expressing fondness for a well-loved home. The houses don’t have to be huge, like Blenheim Palace. Even small houses are given names, such as “Howard’s End,” pictured here, from the movie made from the E.M. Forster book.

One of my favorite houses is Jefferson’s “Monticello”:   It’s not a huge palace, but it is exquisite in every detail. The name means “Little Mountain.’

I always called our Nebraska house, “Hillside Villa,” because it was a kind of two-story, suburban house, placed on a small hillock. It was painted warm gold, like villas in Italy. In fact, when it was built, the builders called the model the Villa. Wish I had a photo to add here.

Now to name our Phoenix house. My husband is always good for a laugh. We drove by a section called “Madison Ridge at Country Place.” So he has dubbed ours, “Stinky Ridge at the Barrio.”  hehe

But I have a better idea!    Our house is Spanish-looking and located in the Valley of the Sun. This name may change, but for now, I think of it as “Valley Casa.”

Have you named your house?


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