Money Never Sleeps

  Went and saw Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps tonight. It was highly entertaining with cameos from the stars of the first film, to-die-for views of Manhattan and London, cool music, etc. It was fun.

The most fun part, however, was its unintentional humor. It didn’t mean to be funny, but it was a laugh riot. Remember the old cartoons and Disney movies where the adults are a bunch of bumbling idiots and the kids are smart and all-powerful? That happened in this film, and it kept us laughing all the way home. Here are some, err, high-lights:

Shia LaBeouf is a 24-year-old who works in a boiler room full of other baby  stockbrokers, but he’s somehow able to afford a Manhattan apartment that costs millions. As a sideline, he continually writes $100,000 checks to his mother who can’t make a go of her realty business. “You’ve got to shape up, Mom! I’m not going to continue to bail you out like this!” Josh Brolin appears on the cover of Time as one of the world’s “biggest billionaires,” but LaBeouf sits in on a meeting and schools him on how to make deals with the Chinese. At one point, LaBeouf speaks Chinese, leaving everyone in the room stunned! LaBeouf is also an expert on green fusion technology that is “going to be the next Wall Street bubble.” The kid then takes on Gordon Gekko and Brolin for revenge, managing to bring them all down. The way he does this? By putting out information on his girlfriend’s “non-profit” blog! She, by the way, has $100 million in a Swiss bank, but she doesn’t want it–her goal is to give it all away “to charity.”

Aye me, if you want an entertaining study in absurdity, this is the movie for you!   Now, please excuse me–I have to figure out how to rule the world with this non-profit blog of mine!  🙂


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