Valley of the Sun RWA

Tonight I joined the Valley of the Sun chapter of Romance Writers of America. What a great group of women! What inspiration! What fun times they have planned for the future!

I always try to sit by new members each month. Tonight I met and learned from these new friends:

 Isabella Clayton is an author who also owns an online book publishing company, I picked up lots of tips from her. For example, I should be reading “Dear Author” online for the latest gossip. Now to check out her company’s web site!

  Vijaya Schartz is one of the authors who has published books with Sapphire Blue Publishing and other companies. Her blog is a revelation. She has a Black Belt in karate, has sung in cabarets, had her photo taken with a tiger, and it goes on and on.

  Kris Tualla has gone the self-publishing route with her first book, A Woman of Choice, set in Missouri Territory, 1819. It’s going to be fun hearing how her self-promotion is going.

  Tonight’s main speaker was Jennifer Ashley, a human dynamo. She has 30 books published with multiple publishers, has had 6 pseudonyms, writes 6 books a year, and runs 10 blogs. How do you compete with someone like that? You don’t! You try to learn everything you can from this generous author. Her talk tonight was on “Agents.”

Now I’m going to add these new people as friends on Facebook, read their web sites and blogs. Oh—-and with all this inspiration, try to find a little time to write my own book!


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