Today, I spent a leisurely Sunday afternoon scrapbooking. I have many old scrapbooks filled with family photos going back to the grandparents, through Bob and me growing up, brothers and sisters, our marriage, Jaime growing up, our friends and travels, my writing, etc. etc. etc. Such lovely memories.

When we moved to Arizona, I threw everything into cardboard boxes for the haul down here. They’re a motley collection of old beat-up scrapbooks and hundreds of loose photos. There’s no way I can do the modern idea of scrapbooking with paper decorations, curlicues, and one photo to a page. Gad, there would be no end to it. But my goal is to buy new scrapbooks–all matching. Then the photos can be sorted chronologically, placed where they belong, and displayed for all to enjoy. My big strong husband gets choked up when he looks at our old photos. What Jaime will do with them someday, I have no idea. I hope they’ll remind her that she had a happy family that really lived a blessed life.

On a related note, I read recently in the paper that Taliesen West has hired a new curator to get Frank Lloyd Wright’s papers in order. There’s a huge, irreplaceable collection of letters, architectural drawings, Taliesen history, and memorabilia–all stored in a room that is not climate-protected. They really need to build a multi-million-dollar storage facility. But, for now, I’m very glad to hear that they’re starting to work with this.

Memories are so precious. Don’t you agree?


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