Desert Rose RWA

  Last night, I attended my first meeting of the Phoenix RWA chapter, Desert Rose. How enjoyable! It was held at Macayao’s Depot Cantina, a colorful Mexican restaurant–great food. A little chaotic because of the large attendance–lots of women all talking at once–but that’s good! Many multi-published authors and lots of good advice. Here are a few tidbits:

  Susan Yarina hosted a table discussing “Writing Western Romance.” She suggested writing a list of at least 100 things that could happen in your novel. Gives you lots to work with. Also to immerse yourself in the milieu–have beans for dinner, make love to a cowboy, ride a horse, visit a working ranch, etc. I’m going to e-mail her and find out just where to do all that here in Phoenix–well, except make love to a cowboy. My hubby just wouldn’t approve.

  Calista Fox gave a mini-program on Finding an Agent. She said a hot topic now being tossed around is succeeding by “writing a franchise.” Ethan Ellenberg has posted articles about this on the web, and I’ll check them out.

  NYTimes best-selling author, Susan Squires, gave the main program. She really knows her business! Here are some of her gems of wisdom:

Editors hate Prologues, so use them with caution.

Readers love books because the characters resonate with them–the characters are vulnerable in some way that readers can relate to. That’s what makes a book a keeper.

You must create the bridge where the character makes a big decision–that’s what makes for good motivation.

To fix a sagging middle–“go to the villain.” The villain drives the center of the book.

Go deep. Don’t just cruise through your book. “What would it really be like?” This is what sells books.

“Good books aren’t written. They’re re-written.” — Ernest Hemingway

Yay for Desert Rose! The chapter is a winner!


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