Greg Iles

  My latest “writer crush” is on Greg Iles. He’s a genius thriller writer from Natchez, Mississippi. I’m methodically reading all his books and enjoying every one.

His main character is Penn Cage, lawyer turned best-selling writer. Penn and his family experience tragedies from book to book. Penn loses his wife to cancer, his baby is kidnapped, his father is blackmailed and has heart troubles, etc. But through it all, they remain strong, loving, and filled with integrity.

Along the way, Penn has to fight evil villains, dark and realistic. More than one night, I’ve found myself awake at 4:00 AM because I just couldn’t quit reading.

Iles has turned his Natchez setting into another character. This resonates with me because I vacationed there with my family when I was about seven years old. How well I remember gazing out the window of our green Studebaker, oohing and aahing as we passed one beautiful Antebellum mansion after another. Iles brings the city alive with all its troubles and splendor.

Kudos to Greg Iles–an amazing talent!


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