The Road to Phoenix

Lucy “I hope you didn’t Lucy me,” my husband teased.

Remember that funny old movie, The Long Long Trailer with Desi and Lucy? It was all about their adventures hauling a trailer across the U.S. Lucy collected rocks from each site they visited, and they had a heck of a time getting the heavy trailer over the mountains. That’s what we felt like recently, moving things from Nebraska. Now, I’ve been known to collect rocks in our trips to Colorado, but this time, the heavy load was books.

We borrowed a huge van from DH’s carpet store and attached a U-Haul to the back of that. With 50 boxes of books and other things, it was a heavy load, believe me. But we got over the mountains just fine.

Now, like Maureen O’Hara in another good old movie, The Quiet Man, I’m happy because “I have my things about me.” It didn’t really feel like home until I unpacked my boxes and set up my office. More things will be coming from Nebraska on future trips. For instance, we have to bring two cats on the two-day drive. But for now, I can settle in.

I figured I’d better change my blog title and look. Hope you like it.


One thought on “The Road to Phoenix

  1. A new look for a new start! I like the blog layout.

    I finally unpacked a box of books that I’d had in storage for two years. They were some of the very first books I ever bought and those stories are still very dear to my heart. I finally felt like my apartment was my home after I put them on their shelves. 🙂

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