garage I’ve been in Nebraska for the past month, getting rid of things I don’t want to move to Phoenix. What a chore! And what a trip down memory lane!

First came the garage sale. I had to chuckle about how important these items once were to my life. Here’s the doll dressed in mauve satin. She was acquired during my “Victorian phase,” and she brought a dollar. Here’s the baked potato that my mother made in ceramics class in 1963. Hey! You gotta have a special dish for the sour cream! How about the dated dessert set in green glass? I used it once a year for many years when it was my turn to host my writing group, Quill (or The Ladies From Queer, as DH used to call them). Put out the toaster oven that was used only once. It was GE brand, and I hate GE on principle. Many fond memories, and the garage sale netted me $300.

We also sold furniture on Craig’s List. When they took away my dining set with hutch, I nearly cried. I’ve loved it so. It held many family members, friends, and good meals throughout the years. But now, it’s dated and I’m tired of looking at it. We’re going contemporary now, and it just wouldn’t fit into our new house. I gave away my piano to a good home with kids who will (hopefully) cherish it as much as I did.

But one thing I’ll never give up–my library and bookshelves. So far, I’ve packed 50 boxes full of books. DH keeps asking if I can’t get rid of some books. I’ve warned him ominously, “No! And I’ll know if even one is missing!” I do re-read them, and some can’t be replaced, such as the 1939 hardback edition of Grapes of Wrath with my father’s name and Perryton, Texas, address on the bookplate.  

Yes, it’s definitely time to “let go” of things, keep my fond memories, and get ready for new good times in Phoenix.


One thought on “Down-sizing

  1. Betty,

    I’m trying to get ahold of you before you go back to AZ. The group and I would like you have come and visit. Please email me asap. Thanks.


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