Rosson House

rosson   1895. It was a momentous year. Among other events, Oscar Wilde had his downfall that year and went to jail in England. And Dr. Rosson built his house in Phoenix, AZ. A beautiful Victorian mansion it is.

I went today to Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix, where the town first began. (Actually where it “rose like a phoenix” from the ashes of the disappeared Hohokam Indian settlement.) The Square is Phoenix’s answer to Colonial Williamsburg although, of course, on a much smaller scale. And you know what a sucker I am for historic houses! Back then, the Rosson mansion was one of the most prominent homes in Phoenix and cost $7,500 to build. It cost $750,000 to restore it in the 1970s.

Within walking distance are the ASU campus, the Arizona Science Center with a planetarium that shows “billions of stars,” and the Phoenix Museum of History. Also a British pub, The Rose and Crown, to have Scotch Egg, bangers and mash, fish and chips, and shepherd’s pie.

I couldn’t begin to do it all today, so will have to go back–many times since the area is a lovely one. So much to do in Phoenix! I’m making lists so I’ll know where to take visitors when they start coming down.


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