Life List

elifelist_logo  Job hunting has to be one of the most frustrating things a person has to do. I’ve been applying for jobs in Phoenix, but haven’t gotten one so far. I went on two interviews with the same company, but still didn’t get the job. OK, so it wasn’t the ideal job for me anyway, but you can’t help feeling a little, well … rejected.  

Instead of wallowing in pessimism, I’m reading a book, The Aladdin Factor, which is all about continuing to ask. Ask for an interview, ask God, ask the universe. You have to ask, ask, ask before you can receive. But first, you have to ask YOURSELF! Did I really want that job that I interviewed for twice? Not really. It just came up on the radar.  If I were to ask myself what I really want to do with the rest of my life, it wouldn’t be that job.

Here’s where it gets exciting. The book says we should make a Bucket List of 101 specific wishes. What fun! We don’t have to limit ourselves or even wonder if something is possible. It’s a way to find out where we should be directing our energies.

Want to be exhilarated? Explore possibilities for your life? Quit limiting yourself? Form a plan? Check out a web site called You can make your own Bucket List, get ideas from others’ lists, hopefully check off things as accomplished, make friends, and get excited about life again. For ideas, see What’s On Your Bucket List? in my links to Favorite Sites.

Happy wishing!


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