Phoenix House

our-house  Here’s a pic of our new Phoenix house. It’s Spanish style, which most houses are down here. Almost new and very comfortable, with an office where I can have all my books in their bookcases. Also a guest room for visitors. 🙂 The front yard came landscaped, but the back yard is completely bare and empty. It’s going to take a while before we can get to that. back-yard One thing we especially like is no steps! As we get older, we think that’s going to be important.

It was a foreclosed house, which makes me sad for the people who lost it. But there are tons of these here in Phoenix–three more on our street alone, including the one next door. It’s a good time to buy while prices are low.

I never imagined I’d end up in Phoenix. But DH wanted to, so I’m along for the ride!


2 thoughts on “Phoenix House

  1. I swear to God, Liz, I dated a girl in 1988 who lived in that house: big sunroom/living room in back moving forward to dining room open to kitchen seperated by counters. Two bedrooms off dining room with master bath by front bedroom. She was an attorney who now lives in Vegas. Coincindentally, she was a blonde too. Oh, and the yard was still unlandscaped and dry as a bone. I like the house though.

  2. Congratulations on the move to Arizona! It looks like a gorgeous house. Hope you’ll share some photos of the interior when you’ve got it set up to your liking. Enjoy your new digs.

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