The Comeback of Mickey Rourke

rourke   I’m enamored of Mickey Rourke. Always have been. Since he broke out with Body Heat, through 9 1/2 Weeks, to the popcorn scene and his hilarious “explanation” in Diner, I’ve enjoyed watching him on-screen. Then he self-destructed and sabotaged his career for 15 years. Such a Bad Boy!

But America is a land of second chances and comebacks. Rourke has accomplished  this with his latest film, The Wrestler. It’s a sad movie, but, as usual, Rourke is fascinating, talented, and charismatic. And still sexy as ever.  

His pretty face is gone, and his voice is harsher. He’s older. But it’s hard to take your eyes off him or keep your heart from being moved. I’m so glad he’s back.

Here’s to hoping the Academy gives the Best Actor Oscar to Mickey Rourke this year. He deserves it.


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