8 Days and Counting

calendarI gave notice at Verizon Wireless. I have marked eight squares on my calendar, which I’m checking off one by one. Yep, eight more days of the “call mines,” and then I’m free! I don’t know what my next job will be, and the economy looks dire. Melodie Beattie calls this “stepping out into the great unknown.” But I don’t care. At least, I won’t be at VZW, and that is cause for celebration.

What did I learn this past year on the job? That I do not like jobs with a lot of stress and negativity. That I don’t want to be on the phones anymore, trying to fix other peoples’ problems. I need a nice quiet job where I can take a fresh breath once in a while. One that doesn’t focus on people kvetching and complaining all the time.

I’ll even be able to get back to my blogging and writing. Sounds like heaven.


One thought on “8 Days and Counting

  1. Moving towards the light and the warmth, you’ll love Arizona. Check out Sedona, a short drive away, for New Age stuff. Good luck!

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