The Phone and I

Since starting my new job at Verizon Wireless, I now know more than I ever wanted to know about cell phones. Still don’t have one of my own, because every time I get my hands on a new training phone, I want it! Just can’t make up my mind.

I started out thinking I’d go with the cheap and functional Samsung 410 which I can get for free: sam_u410.jpg It’s a nice little serviceable clam-shell.

Then the Motorola Q caught my eye. It has the Internet, music, and my beloved Bubble Breaker game: phone1.jpg 

But wait! On the Voyager, you can even watch TV!  lg_voyager.jpg It does everything but cook dinner.

My favorite, though, is the LG Chocolate. You just slide it open and lightly tap the controls with your finger: lg_vx8550_blue.jpg It’s so sweet in navy blue.

I feel so fickle. Why, oh why, can’t I settle down with one phone and be faithful? But then, I haven’t even begun to explore the tons of choices in cell phones. The mind boggles.

I keep remembering the phone I grew up with. Phones then could be any color, as long as they were black. It was a heavy clunky thing situated on the desk in my parents’ house in Hooper, and there it stayed. We didn’t even dial–you asked the operator to “Please ring R22.” 

Not to mention when Dh was a salesman, he would memorize the locations of phone kiosks along the road. It was so convenient to be able to pull up beside one, reach out the window, and dial–all without leaving the comfort of one’s car. Would wonders never cease?

I love all the new tech things I’m learning on the job. 


One thought on “The Phone and I

  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your job, Betty. 🙂

    All I want my phone to do is enable me to talk to whoever I want. I don’t need games or the ability to take a video or cameras or anything else but numbers and a dial tone. Oh, and I like voice mail, too, although I didn’t have that for years!

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