The Curse of the Ram’s Head

curse.jpg  “He slammed the ram’s head on the desk. He gripped the horns in both hands. He was reading straight from Tim’s notes. He shouted out the phrase. Am I even pronouncing it correctly? He shouted it again. One more time. This is it. It’ll all be over after this, he believed with his entire heart and mind. He was completely convinced about the curse and the cure. He held onto the horns with all his might. He lifted his head and shouted the phrase one last time. The tempest was trying to drown him out but his deep voice carried above it all. The ram’s head arced pure red and he fell backwards and landed on Tim’s bed. He was blinded and then mercifully, he passed out. “

I’m proud to report that my nephew, Thomas Graham, in Winnipeg, Canada, is an up-and-coming author. He writes novels for young adults and publishes them on His latest offering is a suspense story, The Curse of the Ram’s Head.

What do you do when bad things happen to good people? Especially when a family is tortured by a spooky curse from a ram’s head that the young son bought on vacation? This novel is fun to read. Suspenseful hooks at the end of each chapter keep you turning pages. I especially liked the trust built up between father and son.

You can buy this and other books by Thomas Graham at or download them for free.

Good going, Tom!


2 thoughts on “The Curse of the Ram’s Head

  1. I am honored to be mentioned in your blog and by your very generous comments. I owe you much for your encouragement and advise on writing. Thabk you!

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