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phone.jpg  I began a new full-time job this week with Verizon Wireless, a cell phone company. It’s great, since I love all things tech. Steep learning curve, since I’ve never even owned a cell phone! The company is awesome, with good pay, tremendous benefits, a warm supportive culture, and plenty of room for advancement. If you’re looking for a new job, come on over!

Things were getting bad at iUniverse, with employees depressed and angry (and justifiably so). So I was eager to put it behind me and move on.

Where does all this leave my writing? Well, I’m taking a brief break while I’m training on the new job. I’ll be able to return to writing with a fresh new outlook. That’s one of the great things about writing–you can always return to it, and you can enjoy it until you die or get Alzheimer’s. As I wrote to my fellow employees on my last day at iUniverse, “That’s one thing they can never take from us. The world of books will always be ours.”


One thought on “Tech World

  1. Hi, Elizabeth

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new job. I’m very excited for you and am sure you’ll be up to speed at Verizon in no time. May you be able to get back to your writing soon. Look forward to seeing you again at NRW.

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