Kitchen Renovations

stove.jpgToday I’m waiting for a new stove to be delivered. My stove recently broke (after 20 years), so a new one was in order. And of course one thing leads to another.

Would you believe my kitchen was mauve, complete from the countertops to the wallpaper? When we built in the early 80’s, I copied the kitchen in the show home, and it was pink! Recently, we changed the countertop to  a more modern and neutral brown with little specks of other colors. Beautiful! I’m in the process of stripping off the old wallpaper. 

My stove was a color called “almond.” They don’t even make it anymore. There was one stove at the store called “bisque,” but almost all were stainless steel with black tops. And no more drip pans to catch food! Now I’ll have an easy-to-clean flat range top.

But, as I said, one thing leads to another. Now I’ll have to replace the refrigerator and dishwasher so everything matches. *evil grin*

Oops! The truck is here…… 


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