Hooray for Technology!

keyboard.jpg  I love movies where smart (usually wild-haired) techies zoom their fingers over computer keyboards and have all kinds of amazing things show up on big screens. Or they hack into databases to solve monumental problems. I’ll never be that good–not even close. But when I do learn something new, I’m always amazed at how technology helps perform tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Our latest innovation with Nebraska Romance Writers is new Yahoo groups. One allows us to upload our 2008 writing goals. We can see what everybody is trying to accomplish, what they’re working on, in order to encourage them. Our second new Yahoo group is for critique. We can upload manuscripts; then anybody who has the time or inclination can provide feedback and critique. We have Robin Rotham to thank for setting these up. Thanks, Robin!

Another innovation which I’ve learned to use at work is the “track changes” feature of Word. I always knew it was there–I just didn’t know what it was good for or how to use it. Lately, I’ve become quite proficient at critiquing and editing, tracking any changes along the way. It’s a whiz!

Next on my list–I’m taking an online course to learn about Styles and Templates in Word.

Do you use all these marvels of technology? I know–maybe some of you are thinking, “Well, duh!” Maybe I’m behind the times, but I’m learning! See my wild hair?



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