Stephanie Bond Love

stephanie.jpg  The 5th Annual Conference of Nebraska Romance Writers took place yesterday, and it was a marvelous success!

I’ve belonged to Romance Writers of America for years, and I’ve met many many writers–both good and bad people, I would say. But I don’t think I’ve ever met a person I respected, admired, and liked more than Stephanie Bond. She came to writing from the corporate world, so she is the consummate professional. She is also so warm and friendly, she puts everyone at ease. She openly shares important information, even becoming “an ambassador” for her line, Harlequin Blaze, inviting other writers to submit to them. I can’t say enough good things about Stephanie Bond. She is truly an inspiration.

I learned so much from her. I’ll blog about some of her advice in the future.

Run out and buy her books! She writes with warmth and humor, and I know you’ll enjoy them.


4 thoughts on “Stephanie Bond Love

  1. I’m a Stephanie Bond fan, too. I’d love to listen to another of her presentations anytime! I’m also chomping at the bit for the next Body Movers book to come out. I think it’s in March…but that just seems so far away! Argh!

  2. Hi! I’m making time this morning to visit some pals I haven’t seen in a while. Timely post for me, as I’m just about to mail in my RWA application. 🙂

    Hope life is all good for you these days.

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