Nebraska Weather


I’ve always thought Nebraska doesn’t have much scenery. I mean, what can you do with flat emptiness? When Oscar Wilde came through here in 1888, he described it as looking “like a piece of blotting paper.”

But what Nebraska does have in place of scenery is — WEATHER! We get every extreme, from drought to flooding, from scorching temps 100+ to bone-chilling below 0. All four seasons in all their glory. Since we live in the center of the continent, there are no oceans to moderate the weather, so it comes upon us in extremes. Instead of looking up to see skyscrapers or mountains, we see a constantly-changing sky show of clouds.

Climatologist Ken Dewey has been putting photos of Nebraska weather on the web, and his site drew nearly 30 million viewers last year. Here’s a small sampling:


                                                               spring1.jpg                    snow1.jpg 

If you would like to see more weather photos of Nebraska, just go to his site at:



5 thoughts on “Nebraska Weather

  1. Love the pictures, Liz. Kepp them coming. Greetings now from Singapore. Would it kill you to write? Lol. Singapore phone (65) 9486-7610. Try it, its cheap. (I’ll call back).

  2. wow, I love the snow. but the tornado is there but how??? when I would live there, I will drive my truck plow… 🙂

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