Covered Bridges

bridges.jpg  Yesterday, I found myself in Winterset, Iowa. Dh had to do a carpet inspection, and I rode along. Naturally, I made him stop at one of the fabled “Bridges of Madison County.” We saw the Hogback Bridge, built in 1884.

What a romantic setting! Again, naturally, I was reminded of the novel and movie by Robert James Waller. I’ll have to get out the book and read it again. loving-couple.jpg

This reminds me of a writing story I heard. Waller is kind of a funny-looking little man, and he used to go to writer’s conferences with a book in his briefcase. People would dismiss him. “So you’ve got a novel. Yeah, yeah … ” Well, it turns out that book was The Bridges of Madison County, which became a phenomenal success. That’s why I never dismiss struggling writers. You just never know who is going to have the next best-seller in his or her briefcase! 



One thought on “Covered Bridges

  1. I ran across your page today. Unfortunately your photo is not one of the bridges here in Madison County, Iowa. Not to dispel your romantic writer’s story, but Mr. Waller stands well over 6 feet tall, and was already a published non-fiction writer when he penned his fictional story of the bridges for his wife. She convinced him to show it to his agent, who took it to Warner Publishing.

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