Cubicle Decor

cubicle-decor.jpg  I love to sneak peaks to see how my co-workers have decorated their cubicles. Some are functional and impersonal–you’re lucky to see a jumble of papers and a dictionary. Some are filled with personal memorabilia, cartoons, and mysterious objects with meanings known only to the occupants. My friend Melissa has great things from the 40’s, the era she writes about. Another co-worker has Norwegian decor.

As for me, I have the obligatory photos of Dh and daughter, of course. A little lamp for soft lighting.

But I love seasonal and holiday decorations, and now I have the opportunity to go wild! My cubicle is right on the way to the break room, so everybody sees the empty space on my L-shaped desk as they walk by. Today, I went to Hobby Lobby and stocked up on cute seasonal decorations that will make me and my co-workers smile–to be changed monthly. Hobby Lobby has the best, showiest decorations, and they’re not expensive!

This month, it’s still summer, so a flower bouquet is still appropriate. In September, it’ll be a harvest crate that says  “Welcome–Happy Autumn,” complete with gourds and autumn leaves. October is Halloween, of course–something scary and fun. A cornucopia for Thanksgiving in November. And on into Christmas.

My little home-away-from-home will shine.  decor.jpg

What’s in your office?


2 thoughts on “Cubicle Decor

  1. Hey Betty! It was fun reading about your cube area. My office, unfortunately, resembles an area, too–a disaster area, that is.

    You see, about ten years ago I made the mistake of telling people I was collecting angels and I suddenly started getting angels for every occasion. I finally had to tell people to stop–I have no more room!

    The moral to the story is be careful what you ask for–and I swear they’re multiplying, still!

    Have fun with your new decor.


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