Working Girl

girl.jpg  Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly, but now I’ll get back into it. I’ve been on the new job for a week now, and it’s starting to feel comfortable. Like I can do this! During the first few days, I had a few twinges of doubt. Not really–but I sat beside the other women who typed fast and frantic, and then said “You’ll be doing this. Just watch what I do.” Oh, really? But it’s all starting to make sense now. 

I got to sit in the fiscal year-end meeting with a report on the company. I am so impressed by online, print-on-demand self-publishing! The company is growing, and as they said, “We’re making dreams come true” for authors. That makes me feel good.

The days have just flown by. It’s never boring, not even for a minute.

And I’m not too tired! I’ve been getting into bed at 10:00 every night. Not that I go to sleep then, but I read and relax. COLD MOUNTAIN lately. Its lovely, melodic language is so soothing, so beautiful, it just takes me away.

Being a working girl is working out fine.


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