A New Job

happy.jpg   Hooray!  I have now joined the ranks of the full-time employed. I’ve been freelancing for the last three years, doing online Editorial Evaluations and copywriting for a self-publishing firm based here in town. They had an opening for an Editorial Services Associate, and I’m so glad they considered me!

Very happy about this, and I start Wednesday.

I’ll let you know how it is to get up early for a change! 


5 thoughts on “A New Job

  1. You couldn’t get them to agree to your in bed until 10 a.m. schedule? I’m shocked. After the RWA says no sax (and how can you make music without sax) and now you have to be out of bed… the end is near.

  2. Sshhhh… Betty’s gone to work…. be very quiet… who brought the keg?…. the bong?… this is going to be so cool with her gone everyday….

  3. Man, we having so much fun with Lizzie gone to work. Watching TV, smoking the crunk, drinking the cognac…. wish she’d come back and say ‘i’ though.

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