iPhone Mania

phone1.jpg  Will you be getting a new iPhone? Sure, I’d love to have one. Here’s how Joel Stein described “iPhone envy” in the Los Angeles Times:

“I was convinced that everyone in the restaurant had an iPhone, and they were using it to play some kind of new Brazilian dance hall mash-up they heard about in iPhone texts from their new supermodel friends, all the while sliding caviar into their mouths off the perfectly smooth iPhones whose glowing screens bathed their faces in soft light like a Caravaggio painting. . .”

Hehe… sounds like a Dennis Miller rant, doesn’t it?

But I think I’ll hold off. They’re still too expensive. And let’s face it: I get very few phone calls anyway. 


5 thoughts on “iPhone Mania

  1. I wouldn’t mind one just for the fact that the price for monthly phone service is cheaper, but at this point, I have NO spare cash to even think about buying one!

  2. I’ve been away (NYC) and am just getting caught up on your posts…

    Love the 13 fashion musts and your tales about the summer solstice/Stonehenge. How cool to have camped there!

    While I was in NYC I heard that the Apple flagship store there had people camped, waiting for the iPhone, for four days! And it poured buckets the night before the launch–we got caught in the deluge in Times Square!

    Don’t know if I want one of these, lovely as they sound…the only phone service carrier option is AT&T, and I kind of like my cell phone to look and feel like a cell phone. Hmmm…

  3. There was a line around the block of my office building at the ATT store on bottom floor, Friday evening. It’s a slick little device, but take the Captain’s advice, wait a bit. like the iPod, the price will drop. ATT’s web service sucks and is two generations behind 3G, which is what you neeed to make this dog work (very important to you midwesterners, WiFi hotspots not common out on the plains), and finally, like SacnDisk and others MP3 players, within a year they had more memory, features and a cheaper price than the iPod, plus they could take and send music anywhere, not just Apple’s iTunes.

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