On My Nightstand

susan.jpg  So, my girlfriend Yvonne suggested I read Ain’t She Sweet? by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. To be honest, I hadn’t read anything by this uber-successful author since I picked up one of her romances about football. I’m just not interested in football. But I told Yvonne I would give this one a try.

Am I ever glad I did! Now I see why this author is so popular.  

The book is about a girl who was anything but sweet in high school. She was a totally spoiled rich bitch, and the flashbacks are fun. You wonder what awful thing she did to each character, and when you find out–they were pretty horrendous! Now she must return home to her small town and face the music. The characterizations and details are marvelous.

As an aside, I just happened to sit beside Susan Elizabeth Phillips at an RWA conference once. I had never met her before, but she chatted with me as if I were her best friend. She’s a genuine, refreshingly nice person.

I have another connection with Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Her agent is Steve Axelrod. I’ve seen him at many RWA conferences, and I would kill to have him as my agent. I once dreamed that he was chasing me through the halls of the conference hotel–he not only wanted to represent me, he also wanted to make love to me!  *giggle*  

So I’m thoroughly enjoying this 2005 best-selling book. Pick it up if you can. And thanks, Yvonne!



3 thoughts on “On My Nightstand

  1. Funny dream! If you go to the RWA national convention this year, maybe your dream will come true and Steve Axelrod will be chasing you down the hall, begging for your submission.

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