Mahoney Melodramas

lodge35.jpg  Nebraska Romance Writers–what a great group! Tonight, some of us went to the Melodramas at Mahoney State Park.

First, we ate supper at the Lodge Buffet. lodge4.jpg

theatre1.jpg  Then it was off to the theatre.

In Wings of Fire!, Crash McCarthy, dashing ace stunt pilot, (Yay! applause!) met lovely female wing walker, Wendy Wingnut, (aaahhh) at the annual fly-in at Scribner and love was in bloom. Crash had a famous barnstorming airplane act while Wendy was part of a rival wing-walking act with her partner, daffy Poppy Rivetts. But his jealous rival, Delbert D. Dorkmeister, (boooo! throwing popcorn) with the aid of his partner Ursula Undercarriage, planned to sabotage their planes so he could win the grand prize at the fly-in. Poppy discovered their evil plot but was kidnapped by Dorkmeister and Ursula. Could she escape their evil clutches in time to warn the others and save the day? 

What do you think? villain.jpg

The scenery was beautiful at the park, including the views of the Platte River. Laughter, quality time, and a good old fashioned sing-a-long, away from meetings, was a good way to strengthen our friendships. What an enjoyable evening! 



3 thoughts on “Mahoney Melodramas

  1. I love melodramas! My hometown puts a melodrama on every year for our annual town festival. Always so much fun.

    Glad you guys had a great time!

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